Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Rejuvenate your appearance with non-invasive chemical peels in Rancho Cucamonga. 

 If you’ve been struggling with oily skin, acne, uneven texture, or other common skin concerns, know this: your smooth, vibrant complexion didn’t go anywhere. It just needs to be brought to the surface. At Perfect Image Medical Spa® in Rancho Cucamonga, our team of highly trained aestheticians proudly offers the latest chemical peel solutions to help you put your best face forward.   

About the Treatment

Chemical peels are a common aesthetic treatment that remove dead skin cells, acne, and other common cosmetic imperfections or signs of aging. A solution will be applied to your face by a trained aesthetician to peel away your top layer of skin, revealing newer, healthier skin underneath. At Perfect Image Medical Spa®, you can choose between the Obagi Radiance Peel, the Luminize Peel, the Rejuvenize Peel, and the Vitalize Peel. 

  • Safe for all skin tones 
  • Comfortable application 
  • Quick treatment times 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will precautions be taken to protect my eyes during treatment?

To ensure that none of the chemical solutions get into your eyes, we’ll provide goggles, gauze, or another type of covering 

How long do chemical peel results last?

The results of a light chemical peel may last 1-2months while a medium peel can last up to 6 months. Deep chemical peels often provide results that last years. 

Should I expect a lot of skin peeling from the treatment?

You might notice clusters of dry skin on your face, but the treatment is still working even if you don’t see a lot of skin shedding. Regardless of how much peeling occurs, the solution still exfoliates the skin on a deep level for smoother, healthier skin. 

Love the way you look with non-invasive chemical peels at Perfect Image Medical Spa® in Rancho Cucamonga. Schedule an appointment today.  

Discover Chemical Peels

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