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About the Laser Hair Remval Treatment

For the most effective laser hair removal, we trust staet-of-the-art Venus devices designed to target and destroy hair follicles under the skin’s surface. Over time and with repeat treatments, you can significantly reduce hair growth for a lifetime of smoother skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have darker skin. Can I get laser hair removal?

Sure can. Our laser hair removal treatments can be done on darker skin tones and tanned skin with different device settings. Consult with your aesthetician prior to treatment for the best results. 

How long do hair removal sessions take?

One of the greatest things about laser hair removal is how fast treatments are, even on larger areas of the body. Your aesthetician can give you a more exact estimate prior to treatment. 

How often should I get treatments for great results?

We recommend 4-8 weeks between sessions for the best results. 

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