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Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes.

Why do my eyelids look low?

If your eyes look “tired” or “sleepy,” you may have a condition called acquired blepharoptosis (also known as acquired ptosis or low-lying lids).

UPNEEQ® for Acquired Blepharoptosis

Elevate your vision and self-confidence with UPNEEQ®, a revolutionary ophthalmic solution specifically crafted for adults struggling with acquired blepharoptosis, commonly known as low-lying eyelids. Not just a cosmetic concern, drooping eyelids can impede clear vision and impact daily activities. With UPNEEQ®, reclaim not only the beauty of wide-open eyes but also the clarity that comes with it. A prescription marvel, this treatment offers a simple, non-surgical approach to a condition that once required invasive procedures. Experience the transformative power of UPNEEQ® and let your eyes do the talking.

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Benefits of UPNEEQ®

The Positive Results

Non-Surgical Solution

Avoid invasive surgeries with this effective eyedrop solution.

Quick Results

Witness noticeable elevation in the position of your eyelids shortly after application.

Enhanced Vision

Improve your line of sight by addressing the droopiness obstructing your vision.

Boosted Confidence

Regain the natural beauty of your eyes and boost self-esteem.

Safe & FDA-Approved

Relish the peace of mind that comes with an FDA-approved prescription solution.

Easy Application

Convenient eyedrop format makes daily use straightforward and hassle-free.

the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop


UPNEEQ® employs the active ingredient, oxymetazoline hydrochloride, which is known for its vasoconstrictive properties. When applied, it narrows the blood vessels in the treatment area, leading to the elevation of the upper eyelid, thereby mitigating the appearance of droopiness. Upneeq triggers the levator palpebrae muscle (Muller’s or Mueller’s muscle), causing the muscle to contract and raise the upper eyelid. Upneeq works by stimulating an involuntary eyelid muscle, the Muller’s muscle, to contract.

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Upneeq® Eyedrops

Frequently Asked Questions

UPNEEQ® is formulated to treat acquired blepharoptosis or low-lying eyelids in adults.

Most users observe noticeable improvements in eyelid elevation shortly after the application. However, individual results may vary.

Yes, UPNEEQ® is FDA-approved and designed for regular use. However, always follow your physician’s recommended dosage.

As with all medications, there may be potential side effects. It’s crucial to discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider and read the product’s information.

Always refer to the product’s instructions and your physician’s advice regarding the use of UPNEEQ® with contact lenses.

UPNEEQ® provides temporary relief from acquired blepharoptosis. For sustained results, regular application as per prescription guidelines is recommended.

While UPNEEQ® offers a non-surgical solution to treat low-lying lids, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the best course of action based on individual needs.

UPNEEQ® is a prescription medication. It can be acquired through authorized pharmacies or prescribed by qualified healthcare professionals. 

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