About the Treatment

Waxing at Perfect Image Medical Spa® removes hair by the follicle, eliminating the risk of nicks and cuts commonly caused by shaving. Plus, all our wax is made with non-toxic ingredients for unrivaled patient comfort and safety.  

  • Quick treatments 
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Safe for all skin tones 


Can waxing reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs?

 Our staff is highly trained and experienced in administering the right waxing techniques to minimize the chances of developing ingrown hairs. 

How long do results last before I need to come back for additional waxing sessions?

Waxing results generally last 3-6 weeks before additional treatments are needed, but this depends on factors such as the specific parts of the body that are waxed and how coarse or fine your hair is. 

Is it true that waxing makes hair grow back thicker?

Hair usually grows back finer and sparser the longer you wax because the treatment removes hair from the root. This causes the hair follicle to become weaker.

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Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with professional waxing at Perfect Image Medical Spa® in Rancho Cucamonga. Schedule an appointment today.  

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